Three Website Analytics For Better Decision Making

It is critical that you have a solid foundation of data when it comes time to make business decisions about your company’s website. One of the most valuable tools for providing that information is Google Analytics, a free service from Google that tracks dozens of different data points about your website. Google Analytics tracks information […]

Does Your Small Business Need A Website?

“My business has a Facebook page, isn’t that good enough?” While speaking recently with small business owners, I have noticed a common theme coming up in conversation, that being, “Why do I need a website when I have a Facebook page and use Twitter to engage and communicate with my customers and potential customer?” Let’s […]

Branding With Color

Branding Your Small Business With Colors

Your Color Palette is an Integral Part of Your Branding Effort The consistent and repeated use of specific colors throughout all of your marketing materials can help establish your brand in the marketplace. While your brand is much more than how you visually represent your company, the colors you choose can become ingrained into the […]

Good Search Engine Rankings Mean Nothing...

Good Search Engine Rankings Mean Nothing…

Search Traffic Must Convert, or Why Bother? Obtaining good search engine rankings is only half the battle. Not only does your website have to rank for the right keywords, it also has to convert the visitors who search for those keywords into customers. In short, good search engine rankings mean nothing if they are not bringing […]

Business Card Reader Apps

Five Free Business Card Readers for Android

Business cards are alive and well, but the days of the leather-bound card holder are numbered. As the business world goes increasingly mobile, app developers have released a number of free and paid solutions for organizing an ever-growing business card collection. Today, we’re taking a look at five free business card readers for Android, each […]