5 Things That Might Be Out of Date on Your Website

If you happen to be into the classic car hobby, you’ll know that an automobile that isn’t being used develops its own mechanical problems. Seals dry up, vinyl cracks, rubber shrinks, metal rusts, brakes seize, etc. Oddly enough, the same type of thing happens to websites that are not regularly maintained. Ok, so the brakes […]

What Businesses (and Marketers) Should Be Doing Online Weekly

Keeping up with your online presence is a must in today’s fast paced world. Google’s ever-changing algorithms takes into account many different elements when it decides where to rank you in the search engine result pages (SERP’s). Below is a list of things you as a business owner (and marketer) should be doing every week […]

Can Your Business Benefit from Social Media?

Most small business owners feel pressure to adopt social media as a marketing channel but are unsure if it’s right for their business. Social media’s greatest benefits are twofold. It’s a relatively low cost marketing channel and the reach can be enormous. But, the success of your social media presence depends largely on the type […]

Is A Mobile Friendly Website in Your Future?

Smartphone and tablet usage has gone up tremendously over the past few years. Advancements in the world of devices and networks along with lower prices for products and services are just a few factors that make it difficult to not take part in the mobile revolution. What does this mean for business owners? Well, for […]

Using Pinterest To Drive Sales

Move over Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is here to stay. For people unfamiliar with the social network superstar, here how it works. Pinterest is a pinboard type social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme based image collections such as hobbies, workouts, wedding ideas, vacation spots, and more (e.g. Food in […]

Collaborative Software for Business Partners

Rocketship is a collaborative partnership. Both partners are materially involved in every facet of the business down to the smallest detail. When figuring out our business processes, we knew it was imperative that we had to be able to share information and resources in real time. We didn’t want to get into a situation where […]

Getting Local With Your Online Presence

Let’s say you are a chiropractor with an office in Oshkosh. It’s probably fair to assume the bulk of your patients are coming from the Oshkosh, Fond du lac, Neenah, Menasha, and Appleton areas. So when somebody lands on your website from Mumbai, India, what do you get out of it from a business perspective? Sure, you […]

Why (Traditional) Networking Works

I was never big into networking. Not at previous jobs, in college, or in any other aspect of my life. In short, I did not think there was much benefit in going out of my way to meet strangers. I could have not been more off base. Since Rocketship’s takeoff in October, I have found […]

Using Google Trends to Predict Website Seasonality

Chances are your website experiences a certain degree of traffic seasonality regardless of what your small business offers. What is website seasonality? Search volume for certain terms increases and decreases throughout the year, which in turn can dramatically impact your seasonal traffic numbers and conversion. Accurately predicting these up and down trends can be critical. […]

Website Visitors and Desirable Actions (Conversions)

A healthy daily or monthly visitor count doesn’t do your business much good unless those website visitors take desirable actions while on your site. What does ‘desirable action’ mean, exactly? Well, it depends on the nature of your business.  For most businesses, the best desirable action happens when a visitor turns into a sale. For others, it may be visitors who click […]